Comparison of metrics from retarded integrals and transverse traceless subgauge

The time-varying gravitational field produced by a Weber bar is used to explore mathematical features of the linearized Einstein equation. We present a self-contained formal framework for the treatment of the linear field, which is applicable to several situations where the standard quadrupolar formulas are not adequate. The expressions for retarded integrals reveal a singularity associated with boundary conditions. Results from the transverse traceless subgauge are compared with the radiation calculated from retarded integrals. Lienard-Wiechert potentials are used in a treatment of the Weber bar as a collection of point particles and further possible applications are outlined. The Riemann tensor clari es the transition from near-field geodesic forces to tidal forces in the far field.

PACS numbers: 04.20-q, 04.30.Db, 04.30.-w, 04.30.Nk

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